TUI Holidays

Holiday Checklist

Quick Checklist For A Perfect Holiday

1. Check that all the passports are valid and have at least 6 months life on the return date of your TUI Holiday.  Remember, kids need their own passport!

2. Check your tickets carefully for the flight times and the names of all the passengers on the TUI tickets match the names on the passport.

3. Arrange suitable travel insurance for everyone who is going on the trip who you are responsible for.  If you need to be flown home on an Air Ambulance service, this could cost you £40,000.  Travel insurance is cheap, buy it now.

4. Get yourself a European Health Insurance Card (formally the E111).  It's no substitute for holiday insurance, but will get you remedial emergency treatment in the European Union.

5. If your TUI Holiday is outside the European Union, you may need to check with your GP about any vaccinations that are required before you travel.  Check this out quickly, as some injections need to be in your system 6 weeks before you take your exotic TUI Holiday.

6. Check that your credit & debit cards will be valid for the duration of your trip.  Try to take at least 2 cards from different issuers and keep them apart while on holiday.

7. Allow plenty of time to get to your UK departure Airport.  With all the extra security checks now in place, get your holiday off to a perfect, stress free start & arrive at the airport as early as possible for the start of a relaxing holiday.

8. Take your mobile & charger with you if only to make & receive text messages to keep in touch with home.  Remember it is expensive to make AND receive calls while abroad.  Texts are FREE to receive!

9. Check out what 's included with your holiday cost with TUI

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