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Lesson 5: Get A Longer Holiday For The Same Price

When looking for your holiday, think outside the box!  This isn't some corporate nonsense that is used in conference rooms across the country, it's actually a good way to find longer holidays for the same money!

Again looking at the price panel below, you will se that a 7 night holiday with Portland Holidays at the El Tope with flights between 22nd to 26th May show as £385 per person.  But wait, look again at the price of a 10 night holiday on the same dates and you will see that it's also £385 per person.  So you could get 3 extra days holiday at no extra cost!

You can see that the same price is payable on a 10 night holiday

3 days extra holiday on half board, absolutely free has to be worth looking out for.  Pushing the holiday out to 11 nights, only costs an additional £10 from the price of a 7 night holiday.  Could you feed yourself for 4 days for only £10?  So from this example, you can see that it's well worth looking for the bargains that are available, simply by looking at different lengths of holidays.  It is only possible to find 10 & 11 night holidays in the really popular holiday destinations like Tenerife, Majorca or on the Costa Del Sol etc, because the charter flights go out at least twice a week to these destinations from the larger UK airports.

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