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Lesson 4: Avoid Half Term & School Holiday Periods

No kids? Save lots of money on your holiday cost by avoiding the Half Term holidays.  Most people know when the main school holidays are, Summer, Christmas & Easter and know that holidays are going to be more expensive at those periods.  However it's 2 pesky Half Term holidays that can catch people out.  The reason for this, is the fact that Half Term is not a universal holiday across the country and can be spread over a couple of weeks in mid February,  and the end of October.  The other Half Term holiday at the end of May is universal, as it is usually tied into the Spring Bank Holiday.

The Brochure Price Panel

Just look above and see how the price of the holiday jumps from £335 to £385 per person during the half term holiday for flights in a very short 4 day period between 22nd & 26th of May.  The half term school holidays bring into play the fundamental  commerce rule of supply & demand. So avoid the school holidays if you can.  If you do have children, then you cannot avoid the higher charges for holidays, unless you take them away during term time.  They might think it's cleaver now, but they won't thank you later in life when they leave school without qualifications!

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